Workshop 12 - Eddie Fisher - Projektové řízení

"Psychology in Project Environments"


 We can say with confidence that project management is well-established in many countries and that it has become the de facto standard for managing work packages.


It should come as no surprise to learn that many projects still fail to deliver due to people issues. Many project managers understand the application of tools and techniques but are not so conversant with the human psychology.


 Dr Eddie Fisher wants to change this with your help. Eddie has just completed a literature review as part of some research to write up an article for the International Joournal of Project Management.( max. 10000 words). The inttention is to bring together the concepts and relationships of attitude, behaviour and competence (ABC). Proejct managers who know their ABC, are more likely to be successful in their projects as they will be in a much better position to manage people effectively.


 Eddie needs your inputs in a number of ways. A discussion would be useful to agree with the group what is actually meant by attitude, behaviour and competence. The relationships between A, B and C need to be established, and finally, what practical advice can the group give to project managers how to manage the ABCs within their teams.


 The IJPM is an academic publication that is read worldwide by the PM commuity of practice, both at practitioner and academic level.


„Toll-gate process“


Eddie will give a short presentation on a typical tollgate process that is used by many companies world-wide to manage the various phases of their projects. The talk will not only cover the tollgate process but will briefly touch on the different people approaches project managers need to think about for each phase. 


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